As of December 31, 2016, there are 29 credit unions in Wyoming. Of which, 29 are federally chartered and federally insured, none is state chartered and federally insured, and none is state chartered but not federally insured. The credit unions have a collective $2.99B total assets and $0.32B net worth. The credit unions in Wyoming service 270,585 members with a workforc of 811 full-time and 67 part-time employees. By December 31, 2016, credit union members in Wyoming have $2.61B deposited to and $2.20B borrowed from their credit unions.


    P. O. Box 87, Yellowstone Nat, WY 82190

    Number of Members: 752
    Total Assets: $4,167,112.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302387023


    PO Box 4067, Sheridan, WY 82801

    Number of Members: 2,016
    Total Assets: $12,734,190.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302386956


    2611 Foothill Blvd, Rock Springs, WY 82901

    Number of Members: 2,305
    Total Assets: $20,075,807.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302386930


    P.O. Box 708, Sheridan, WY 82801

    Number of Members: 5,422
    Total Assets: $47,468,363.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302386943


    PO Box 369, Powell, WY 82435-1960

    Number of Members: 366
    Total Assets: $2,295,634.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302386914


    1610 Reynolds St, Laramie, WY 82072-2373

    Number of Members: 26,241
    Total Assets: $299,645,986.00
    Number of Branches: 3
    Route Number: 307086882


    365 N 3rd St, Laramie, WY 82072

    Number of Members: 6,576
    Total Assets: $46,571,403.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 307086879


    2835 E Grand Ave, Laramie, WY 82070-5276

    Number of Members: 4,391
    Total Assets: $46,987,817.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 307086837


    P.O. Box 669, Guernsey, WY 82214

    Number of Members: 372
    Total Assets: $1,781,542.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302386794


    1005 11th St, Lander, WY 82520-2663

    Number of Members: 10,167
    Total Assets: $113,874,179.00
    Number of Branches: 3
    Route Number: 302386817


    PO Box 1112, Green River, WY 82935

    Number of Members: 2,750
    Total Assets: $19,973,593.00
    Number of Branches: 2
    Route Number: 302386752


    840 Hitching Post Dr, Green River, WY 82935-5554

    Number of Members: 18,823
    Total Assets: $181,002,577.00
    Number of Branches: 4
    Route Number: 302386765

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