As of December 31, 2016, there are 91 credit unions in Washington. Of which, 36 are federally chartered and federally insured, 55 are state chartered and federally insured, and none is state chartered but not federally insured. The credit unions have a collective $47.60B total assets and $5.12B net worth. The credit unions in Washington service 3,541,727 members with a workforc of 8,844 full-time and 622 part-time employees. By December 31, 2016, credit union members in Washington have $41.19B deposited to and $33.50B borrowed from their credit unions.


    PO Box 2922, Yakima, WA 98907

    Number of Members: 60,607
    Total Assets: $714,166,910.00
    Number of Branches: 7
    Route Number: 325183738


    PO Box 10304, Yakima, WA 98909

    Number of Members: 1,653
    Total Assets: $28,261,925.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 325183754


    702 Jefferson St, Vancouver, WA 98660

    Number of Members: 1,863
    Total Assets: $11,446,755.00
    Number of Branches: 0
    Route Number: 323383352


    1209 N 16th Ave, Yakima, WA 98902

    Number of Members: 3,800
    Total Assets: $28,318,584.00
    Number of Branches: 2
    Route Number: 325183725


    PO Box 2134, Wenatchee, WA 98807

    Number of Members: 4,596
    Total Assets: $31,494,035.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 325183657


    PO Box 764, Vancouver, WA 98666

    Number of Members: 12,181
    Total Assets: $200,919,912.00
    Number of Branches: 4
    Route Number: 323383394


    PO Box 1739, Vancouver, WA 98668

    Number of Members: 69,272
    Total Assets: $919,297,492.00
    Number of Branches: 20
    Route Number: 323383378


    P.O. Box 324, Vancouver, WA 98666

    Number of Members: 85,597
    Total Assets: $1,229,367,210.00
    Number of Branches: 12
    Route Number: 323383349


    3900 Cleveland Ave Se, Tumwater, WA 98501-4023

    Number of Members: 25,166
    Total Assets: $243,740,920.00
    Number of Branches: 6
    Route Number: 325180977


    PO Box 61629, Vancouver, WA 98666

    Number of Members: 1,140
    Total Assets: $26,152,850.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 323383530


    PO Box 4207, Tacoma, WA 98438

    Number of Members: 76,027
    Total Assets: $1,199,334,735.00
    Number of Branches: 16
    Route Number: 325180870


    12770 Gateway Dr S, Tukwila, WA 98168

    Number of Members: 1,000,944
    Total Assets: $16,357,955,168.00
    Number of Branches: 47
    Route Number: 325081403

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