As of December 31, 2016, there are 138 credit unions in Virginia. Of which, 105 are federally chartered and federally insured, 33 are state chartered and federally insured, and none is state chartered but not federally insured. The credit unions have a collective $131.72B total assets and $14.51B net worth. The credit unions in Virginia service 10,966,804 members with a workforc of 21,795 full-time and 1,765 part-time employees. By December 31, 2016, credit union members in Virginia have $98.58B deposited to and $98.00B borrowed from their credit unions.


    12715 Ridgefield Village Dr Ste 101, Woodbridge, VA 22193-8911

    Number of Members: 7,072
    Total Assets: $54,754,724.00
    Number of Branches: 2
    Route Number: 256078598


    939a Fir St, Waynesboro, VA 22980

    Number of Members: 1,132
    Total Assets: $3,783,600.00
    Number of Branches: 0
    Route Number: 251483337


    P.O. Box 1784, Waynesboro, VA 22980

    Number of Members: 1,199
    Total Assets: $7,998,065.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 251484941


    PO Box 392, West Point, VA 23181

    Number of Members: 5,408
    Total Assets: $72,187,873.00
    Number of Branches: 2
    Route Number: 251483340


    1209 Baker Rd Ste 309, Virginia Beach, VA 23455-3649

    Number of Members: 1,101
    Total Assets: $5,378,354.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 251483230


    P O Box 1365, Waynesboro, VA 22980

    Number of Members: 83,851
    Total Assets: $1,091,189,611.00
    Number of Branches: 12
    Route Number: 251483311


    4164 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

    Number of Members: 9,678
    Total Assets: $115,641,322.00
    Number of Branches: 3
    Route Number: 251483256


    501 Viking Dr # A, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-7306

    Number of Members: 1,076
    Total Assets: $7,662,850.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 251483243


    6477 College Park Square Suite 200, Virginia Beach, VA 23464-3611

    Number of Members: 540
    Total Assets: $5,872,377.00
    Number of Branches: 2
    Route Number: 251480301


    3701 Bonney Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452-3405

    Number of Members: 8,070
    Total Assets: $94,923,750.00
    Number of Branches: 3
    Route Number: 251483214


    4920 Haygood Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

    Number of Members: 9,449
    Total Assets: $63,257,673.00
    Number of Branches: 8
    Route Number: 251481779


    820 Follin Lane, Vienna, VA 22180

    Number of Members: 6,817,122
    Total Assets: $79,775,661,540.00
    Number of Branches: 297
    Route Number: 256074974

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