New Mexico

As of December 31, 2016, there are 42 credit unions in New Mexico. Of which, 22 are federally chartered and federally insured, 20 are state chartered and federally insured, and none is state chartered but not federally insured. The credit unions have a collective $10.08B total assets and $1.12B net worth. The credit unions in New Mexico service 826,519 members with a workforc of 2,367 full-time and 200 part-time employees. By December 31, 2016, credit union members in New Mexico have $8.84B deposited to and $6.83B borrowed from their credit unions.


    P.O. Box 605, Tucumcari, NM 88401

    Number of Members: 1,130
    Total Assets: $6,309,184.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 312276467


    P. O. Box 1023, Tucumcari, NM 88401

    Number of Members: 4,708
    Total Assets: $28,900,667.00
    Number of Branches: 3
    Route Number: 312276454


    614 Alta Vista St, Santa Fe, NM 87505

    Number of Members: 1,828
    Total Assets: $21,043,348.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 307084415


    3601 Mimbres Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87507-2891

    Number of Members: 18,606
    Total Assets: $152,383,623.00
    Number of Branches: 6
    Route Number: 307084347


    813 St. Michael's Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505-7607

    Number of Members: 41,242
    Total Assets: $465,705,318.00
    Number of Branches: 7
    Route Number: 307084431


    PO Box 2202, Roswell, NM 88202-2202

    Number of Members: 920
    Total Assets: $8,200,176.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 312293505


    PO Box 194, Santa Clara, NM 88026

    Number of Members: 1,139
    Total Assets: $4,363,785.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 312276247


    1401 N Lea Ave, Roswell, NM 88201

    Number of Members: 2,540
    Total Assets: $23,595,830.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 312276360


    110 N Washington Ave, Roswell, NM 88203

    Number of Members: 1,380
    Total Assets: $7,490,747.00
    Number of Branches: 0
    Route Number: 312276412


    2514 N Main St, Roswell, NM 88201

    Number of Members: 2,205
    Total Assets: $26,481,020.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 312276409


    PO Box 279, Raton, NM 87740

    Number of Members: 169
    Total Assets: $290,488.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302284294


    P. O. Box 500, Questa, NM 87556

    Number of Members: 1,119
    Total Assets: $7,765,513.00
    Number of Branches: 1
    Route Number: 302284281

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